Building a brighter tomorrow through dairy products.

Holland Dairy is a leading dairy company in Ethiopia. We’re Ethiopian by nationality and Dutch by technology. Our purpose is to provide a healthy and positive future for Ethiopians and their families. We believe that high-quality, fresh dairy sourced from local farms should be accessible to all Ethiopians.

Premium Quality Products

You and your family deserve the highest quality dairy products to support a happy and healthy life. At Holland Dairy, we’re committed to quality throughout all steps of our supply chain from the raw milk we buy from local farmers and the manufacturing process to the packaging and the distribution. We ensure full compliance and sustainability before sourcing milk from any Ethiopian dairy farm, as well as conduct continued quality checks to ensure our premium quality. As a result, Holland Dairy is known to be the leading quality dairy brand in Ethiopia.

Locally Sourced

Ethiopian dairy farming plays an important role in the economy of many rural communities. To support Ethiopia and Ethiopians, we are dedicated to only sourcing our raw milk from local farms. More importantly, we’re focusing on smaller farms to help these local communities thrive.

What We Offer



We’ve perfected Ethiopian Yoghurt processing. Our Dutch manufacturing process takes the highest quality raw local milk and transforms it into a rich, tasty, creamy, and delicious yoghurt that our consumers can’t get enough of. The best part is that this Yoghurt is incredibly healthy!

Strawberry Yoghurt

Strawberry Yoghurt

A favourite for young and old! Did you know our strawberry yoghurt is made with REAL strawberries? Since local sourcing is a key ambition for Holland Dairy, we go great lengths to get only the best strawberries in Ethiopia. Mixed with our top-quality yoghurt this is a real treat!