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Premium Quality Dairy Products for Healthy Lives

As a leading Ethiopian dairy brand, Holland Dairy produces some of the highest quality dairy products in the country. Only the best milk gets selected from local farmers, our manufacturing processes are compliant with industry regulations, and our distribution is efficient.

What We Offer



We’ve perfected Ethiopian Yoghurt processing. Our Dutch manufacturing process takes the highest quality raw local milk and transforms it into a rich, tasty, creamy, and delicious yoghurt that our consumers can’t get enough of. The best part is that this Yoghurt is incredibly healthy!

Strawberry Yoghurt

Strawberry Yoghurt

A favourite for young and old! Did you know our strawberry yoghurt is made with REAL strawberries? Since local sourcing is a key ambition for Holland Dairy, we go great lengths to get only the best strawberries in Ethiopia. Mixed with our top-quality yoghurt this is a real treat!


We use our premium milk as the main ingredient to create Gouda cheese following a traditional Dutch recipe. Always fresh, always pure, our cheeses are both creamy and delicious. Perfect to enjoy by themselves or for adding flavor and richness to any meal.


Milk is the staple product offered by Holland Dairy. It’s the product we’ve been selling for the longest. And let us re-assurre you: Holland Dairy only sells the best. Over the years, we’ve perfected our manufacturing process to ensure our milk not only is healthy and high-quality but that it’s tasty too!


Another advantage of our premium quality milk is that we are also able to use it for artisan butters. A creamy delicacy!