Our Story

Who We Are

Holland Dairy is a leading provider of high-quality dairy products in the entire country of Ethiopia. We’re most famous for our yoghurt and milk, but our identity goes much deeper. Our milk is sourced locally, and only the best gets selected to ensure high-quality raw milk inputs. We strive to build a thriving Ethiopian agricultural sector and most of our main suppliers are smallholder farms.

Our team is passionate about the people of Ethiopia and cares immensely about their well-being. We seek to alleviate some of the food insecurity in the country by growing the Ethiopian dairy sector. This industry is of vital importance to rural and urban economic development.

At Holland Dairy, we’re seeking to help modernize this valuable sector to help increase the living standards of those involved in the work while increasing the health of all who benefit from locally sourced and high-quality dairy products. By using small farms, we’re ensuring funds remain within the community to create quicker growth and development. We’ve been able to boost the living standards of our community and make consumers happy. That’s success to us!

Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide a healthy and positive future for Ethiopians and their families. We believe that high-quality, fresh dairy products sourced from local farms should be accessible to all Ethiopians.

Our Vision

At Holland Dairy, we envision a brighter future for Ethiopia. It’s our aim to unlock the full potential of Ethiopia’s hands, head, and heart.


We strive to build a thriving Ethiopian agricultural sector.


Our nutritious and high-quality dairy products will improve the health of Ethiopians no matter their age.


We aim to create brands and products that make Ethiopians proud.

Our Values

At Holland Dairy, we’re guided by our core values that influence everything we do. These values ensure we remain true to our mission.



You and your family deserve the highest quality dairy products to support a happy and healthy life. At Holland Dairy, we’re committed to quality throughout all steps of our supply chain from the raw milk we buy from local farmers and the manufacturing process to the packaging and the distribution. We ensure full compliance and sustainability before sourcing milk from any Ethiopian dairy farm, as well as conduct continued quality checks to ensure our premium quality. As a result, Holland Dairy is known to be the leading quality dairy brand in Ethiopia.



Everyone has the right to know where their food originated. That’s why we remain open and honest about our entire operation. We’re transparent about the farms we work with, the manufacturing we use, the packaging we choose, and all other steps of our process. This way, you can always be assured that what you and your family are consuming is the best of the best.

plant on earth


The world has given us everything, and we have a duty to preserve it for future generations. At Holland Dairy, we’re conscious of how our operations can impact the environment. We’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency, and increase the sustainability of our operations overall.